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Ontario SelectionOntario Cricket Association is proud to announce that Canadian Cricket Association and Ontario Cricket Association have come to agreement whereby selection of all Ontario players to Canadian National Cricket Team will be considered only from the list of players that will be provided by the Selection Panel of OCA which shall comprise of Presidents or Selection chairs of each member league to be headed by 1st Vice-President of Ontario Cricket Association as Chairman of this panel and National Selector representing province of Ontario will act as consultant to this panel.

PROCEDURE:All bonafied and active players from OCA member league players will be eligible for selection to Ontario teams which will be selected based on players' performance within the league competitions, and/or performance in Ontario Senior and Junior Competitions, Indoor practices during winter season and/or all other OCA sanctioned games. Each league selection chair will put forward the names of prospective players to Ontario Cricket Association's Selection Panel. The OCA Selection Panel will compile a list of players in consultation with National Selector representing Ontario and that list will be forwarded to Canadian National Selection Committee for selection to Canadian National Cricket Team.

Under no circumstances, any player who is not actively involved in playing in his own league's games and those players who choose not to participate in Ontario Cricket Association's inter-league competition and any other OCA sanctioned/selected games, will be included in the final list of players to be forwarded to CCA for selection to Canadian National Cricket team. The CCA Selection panel will be free to select any players from within the list of Ontario players to be forwarded by OCA if the players meet all other requirements and conditions as may be required and stipulated by prevailing CCA policies.Canadian National Selection Panel will only pick Ontario players from the list of players to be provided by Ontario Selection Panel. Exception to this understanding is any erroneous omission on part of Ontario Selection Panel.